Philosophy (particularly Deleuze)

I have a mild obsession with struggling with the work of Gilles Deleuze, which I’ll link to here from time to time. However, this won’t be simply a repository of Deleuze related stuff, and will contain links to other things philosophical which I’ve found interesting


Anyone starting to think about Deleuze could do worse than reading these two pieces. Firstly, a blog post by John Protevi who recommends starting with Deleuze’s book on Spinoza. Second, a counter proposal over at the Schizosophy blog, which recommends starting with his book on Nietzsche.

A load of Deleuze’s lectures transcribed here in a variety of languages

The Abecedary of Deleuze – A short extract of Deleuze and Claire Parnet doing a philosophical ABC – I’m not sure the translation is that good, and there is a newer DVD out which is on my list to watch/buy. Also, see Charles Stivale’s resource on the Abecedary/ Abecedaire. I love the fact that this was a TV show – I can’t imagine the concept being pitched to a commissioning editor in Britain today!

A Conference on the links between Deleuze and Foucault which took place in Purdue University in 2012. Some interesting looking talks, most of which have got video links

Other Philosophy/Philosophers

Audio of Foucault speaking on ‘Truth and Subjectivity at Berkeley in October 1980

A link to audio recordings of Walter Kaufmann’s lectures on Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Sartre. The page contains links to a range of other talks and resources too.

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