Selected readings on the Indian election results

Following Narendra Modi’s election as Prime Minister of India, and the landslide win of the BJP in general, there are some interesting and thought provoking articles doing the rounds, so I’ve tried to collate a few of them here. I’ll add to these as I become aware of them.

A relatively balanced piece by William Dalrymple in the New Statesman which is good as an introduction to the key issues

Saroj Giri on OpenDemocracy

Economic and Political Weekly‘s Editorial following the election – this and previous weeks’ editions also understandably have a lot of coverage of the results. Anyone interested in Modi’s political economy may find last week’s editorial here an interesting read.

Pankaj Mishra in the Guardian last week, just before the election results were announced. The Guardian’s coverage of the elections has been a bit better than most UK sources (i.e. it has actually tried to cover them). There is a profile of Modi here and there has been continuing coverage on the site.

An Open Letter by Gopalkrishna Gandhi in today’s Hindu.

A piece by Siddarth Varadarajan on his blog about Modi’s past and its implications for his Government, and a response to it on Kafila by Pradip Kumar Datta


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