George Garrett Archive

Today I went to a talk about George Garrett at Liverpool Central Library. Garrett was a radical sailor who spent most of his life in either Liverpool or New York, organising for labour issues, speaking out against racism and imperialism, and writing plays and short stories after being inspired by his membership of the Wobblies in New York in the 1920s. Shamefully, I’d never heard of Garrett before this week, but over the past year or so there’s been a Heritage Lottery funded project to create an archive of his life and it’s currently on display in the Library, and there are a few talks going on about him, and a reading of one of his plays as a part of the Writing On The Wall Festival which is currently taking place in the city. There’s also a fascinating looking event on at Toxteth Library where Levi Tafari will be using poetry to understand the struggles of black soldiers/sailors/workers in the aftermath of WW1, which sadly I don’t think I’m going to be able to make as I’m busy that evening. It’s fascinating stuff – the archive website explains things better than I can – but Garrett is someone who I’d like to find out more about.

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