Young people and stories of the riots: Liverpool 1981 and 2011

For the last year, I’ve been working on with colleagues of mine at Liverpool and volunteers at KCC Live, a youth-led community radio station in Knowsley, on a project which sought to explore how young people think about riots and rioters. It was a participatory project, of which the main output has been a documentary made by the young people themselves after they’d interviewed a variety of people who had been affected by riots in Liverpool. The project came to its conclusion about a month ago with a broadcast of the documentary at Blackburne House in Liverpool, and the documentary has been played on KCC Live since. There are links to the documentary in the Geography at the University of Liverpool blogpost which this post links to.

Geography at the University of Liverpool Blog

Post by Dr Andy Davies, Dr Bethan Evans and Dr Matt Benwell

For the last year, we have been working with young people from KCC LIVE, a youth-led community radio station in Knowsley, on a participatory geographies project, funded by the British Academy, to produce a radio documentary about the riots in Liverpool in 1981 and 2011. In October 2012, 10 young people aged from 16-22 were recruited to take part in the project, a year later, a core of 6 young people remained involved, seeing the project through to the end.

As a participatory project, our aim was for the young people to drive the project. To begin with, we used a variety of focus group and participatory techniques, such as mind mapping, and participatory diagramming (and lots of post-it-notes), to explore the volunteers’ opinions of previous documentaries, work out what this one should be like…

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