Summer arrivals: new paper & book chapter

Whilst I was away in India over the summer, a new paper of mine on the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny came out in Social & Cultural Geography.  The paper is about the various processes of identity creation that occurred amongst the sailors of the RIN in the 1940s, and is an attempt to think through the constitutive processes of domination/resistance at work here. In particular, I find the RIN mutiny interesting because of the liminal nature of the RIN – a colonial institution, largely staffed by colonised subjects, involved in the military protection of the empire. Those of you who have institutional access to the journal can find it here. If you don’t have institutional access and would like a copy, then please ask me.

Another thing that occurred whilst I was away was the publication by Ashgate of an collection ‘Spaces of Contention: Spatialities and Social Movements‘ edited by Walter Nicholls, Byron Miller & Justin Beaumont. Myself and Dave Featherstone have a chapter in it, which develops some of the ideas we share about the relational and networked nature of political activity, and the work that goes into making these networks function. In some ways, the paper compliments the themes that I developed in a paper on Tibetan activism which came out in Transactions of the IBG last year. Having had a quick look at the rest of the book over the weekend (and taken the opportunity to show it off to my Mum and Dad who I was visiting!) there are some useful papers from a variety of angles in the collection, which makes it a really useful collection to outline the range of spatial perspectives which geographers, sociologists and others  are working with at the present time.


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