The Communifesto

Some people may have seen this, but there’s been a debate running over on the Antipode Foundation website about the ‘Communifesto’.

This document was produced after a Fuller Geographies session at the 2012 RGS-IBG International Conference earlier this year (which was in turn sponsored by the Participatory Geography Research Group, or PyGyRG for short). Whilst the name Communifesto sounds like a rather grand portmanteau, the document spells out a number of challenges being faced by Universities, but also by those who work within them at the current time. The Communifesto then is a call for academics to work together and resist the inequalities that are becoming increasingly apparent across a global higher education sector.

The original draft of the Communifesto met with a series of great responses (which can be found here) which challenged the authors to think about a number of terms and ideas that they may have overlooked, as well as questioning what the role of the university is in contemporary life. I particularly enjoyed Mark Purcell’s and Natascha Klocker & Danielle Drozdzewski‘s and Pamela Moss’s interventions, although it seems unfair to simply highlight those whilst others made equally valid points – take a read of them to find out! Anyway, the authors of the Communifesto have now responded to the responses, as it were, which provides another interesting set of questions.

I’ve been following this debate over the past few months, and it’s been thought provoking, so it deserves to be put out there to as wide an audience as possible.


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