Excellent blog post by Sara Fregonese

Something strange has gone on with this reblog, which is probably my technical illiteracy shining through, but the link below should now work:


Great blog by Sara Fregonese on the struggle to get a permanent (or tenured) position in academia. Having gone through a very similar process myself, before being lucky enough to be appointed here at Liverpool, I can second everything she says! The pressure and stress of being ‘early career’ can be (and often is) really hard to work through – it took me nearly 4 years of temporary contracts to get here, and I’ve lost track of the number of jobs I’ve applied for in that time. But I’ve also been lucky in having a network of very supportive friends who also happen to be workmates who provide good advice, but also helped to keep my chin up when things seemed to be going pear-shaped.

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