Violence and Housing Policy Seminar

Anyone in/around Liverpool tomorrow afternoon might be interested in the following event taking place in the University (the link should open a pdf):  Challenging the Violence of Housing Policy

The issue of housing policy has been of importance to Liverpool since the city council cleared much of the city centre housing to create peripheral estates around the city in the 1940s and 50s, but the violence of ‘housing renewal’ in the city has been really visible over the past decade, particularly the Pathfinder scheme started under the last Labour Government.

My walk to work is through one of these areas (the area between Smithdown and Earle roads in Wavertree), which had all of its housing demolished, and, thanks to the economic crisis has had very little investment put back in, leaving little more than the paved streets and grass where terraced housing once stood. This area was also a focal point in the rioting that took place in Liverpool during the ‘English riots‘ in 2011. I’ve spoken about some of these issues at the RGS-IBG Conference earlier this year, but need to spend more time considering them in more depth – so I’ll be there at 4pm tomorrow!

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